Help in the creation of a L.O.V.E. Garden in your community. Special things happen when people in a community come together to create a garden!

People of all ages can learn valuable skills.
It's great therapy for people with Post Traumatic Stress, depression, anxiety and other health issues.
Relationships develop and grow stronger. People come together in a common unity (community). Strangers become friends, and friends become like family.
Peace officers and members of the community they serve can get past the stereotypes to know each other, improving safety and health for everyone.
Veterans can make the garden their mission, making a difference for the community while using it to improve their own physical and mental health.
Food insecurity can be reduced by getting nutritious, organic food to those who need it most.
The community can take pride in doing something positive together.
Every organic garden heals the earth a little bit — and every little bit helps!

Imagine a garden built for young people to learn how to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices. They’ll learn about responsibility and management and so much more.


Now imagine that garden being designed and built by peace officers, young people, older people, and elders — all coming together to learn from each other, help each other grow, help each other heal, and empower our young people for a brighter future!

Now imagine at the center of that garden is a beautiful piece of art, designed by art students from local schools, made from materials donated by everyone in the neighborhood, with all the pieces spelling out the giant letters L.O.V.E. and a plaque at the base of it sharing the L.O.V.E. Is The Answer principles of Learning about each other, Opening our hearts to each other, Volunteering to be part of the solution in each other’s life, and Empowering others to do the same!

Now imagine in front of those L.O.V.E. letters there is a small area for educational talks, spoken word, acoustic music performances by neighborhood artists, and other activities that can bring people together for positive, community-building experiences.

Now imagine helping to make that possible in an area that needs hope, needs community, and needs love.


Share this with a friend or two,
and let’s get to work together to make it happen.